The doTERRA products I would get if I knew then what I know now...

The more I know about essential oils, the more I am compelled to share them with others. So as I helped a friend figure out what oils she wanted I started thinking. What would I get from doTERRA if I was starting out and knew everything I know now?

The first thing I would do is get the Natural Solutions Enrollment Kit. It has everything that I use daily and then some! The kit has the 10 essential oils that everyone needs and we use all the time like lavender, lemon, peppermint, on guard, breathe, melaleuca, wild orange, frankincense, digest zen plus balance, aroma touch, serenity and past tense. Then it has beadlets, toothpaste, hand soap, mouthwash and 2 more on guard products. I own all of these - but paid more for them individually. It also contains Life Long Vitality - the vitamins that we use daily and are helping us feel incredibly better, plus PB Assist, the best probiotic I have ever used. A great diffuser comes with it and not all diffusers are created equal. I have spent a lot of money on diffusers that are too loud, break or have too many lights. There are a few other goodies in the kit also, go check it out by clicking on the wellness tab on my website. Click through to the doTERRA page and search for the Natural Solutions Kit. Finally you get a storage box. I still don’t have a storage box because I can’t get myself to spend almost $100 on a box to hold oils. So my oils are stored on a tray and they fall over and annoy me. So next month I will get a storage box, I promise. This kit is the place to start. You will love and use everything in it, and if you don’t give one or tow things to a friend and get them hooked on these natural solutions.

I would add two more oils to my arsenal if I was just starting out:

  1. Yarrow Pom - This is the best skin treatment I have ever used. I don’t wear foundation anymore and my skin looks amazing. I use it internally and I keep losing weight - no lie. I used it on a nasty mountain bike scar and it made it so much better.

  2. Green Mandarin - This oil is so delicious! I use it in my water and it tastes like a real treat. It is refreshing and citrus-y and smells soooo good. I wear it sometimes too when I want a lift or a little energy.

And when you buy the Natural Solutions Kit you start out at 15% on your Loyalty Rewards Program. So essentially you make 15% back in product points, or put another way, you get 15% off all your orders. That is on top of the wholesale prices.

That’s it. That’s what I would buy if I could go back and start over. Don’t make my mistake, invest early and you save money in the long run and get all the things you need to jump start your natural health.

Alissa Nourse