Alissa Nourse, the Ninja Courage Trainer and Strategist who will call you on your bullshit, identify your strengths and show you how to create a productive, financially and results-driven team. A few credentials: I am a proven leader with over 25 years of experience steering teams and organizations through change, crisis and growth. I’m a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach with a master’s degree from Harvard. Some of the results I’ve delivered for clients and teams are: created a 75% increase in state audit compliance; increased and sustained revenue by 30% in fewer than 5 years; increased employee retention rates by 25%.



“Alissa is one of those leaders in life whom you'll immediately be grateful to have encountered. She has an innate ability to expertly relate to her clients and staff, all while creating a profound sense of ease and team camaraderie, regardless of the posed dilemma. Her organizational acumen is only bested by the profound desire she elicits to constantly provide service to, and enhance the performance of others. When it comes to the development of businesses, teams, organizations, or your own personal goals, Alissa's professional experience and personal inspiration are the exact skills necessary to match even the most demanding of corporate needs. When the growth and motivation you're seeking to reach new pinnacles seem out of reach, be assured that professionals like Alissa are the ones best suited to help guide you there.”

"After this workshop I realize that we all have things we have to accomplish and challenges are placed in our way. Teamwork helps, remember safety and make a plan and follow through!"

"Recharged my leadership batteries!"

“Thank you again for supporting yesterday’s Leadership Off-site. I’ve received nothing but great accolades from the Supervisors and Managers; specifically about your facilitation style, selected connective activities, feelings of rejuvenation and inspiration for change, and that this year’s off-site was one of our best. It was definitely a meaningful experience!”

“Many thanks to you for recommending Alissa for our off-site meeting. She adapted quickly under the limited time we had, fully captured our ask, and executed it perfectly with her own creative style. We would totally recommend her and ask her back for another leadership day.”