Coaching to Your Strengths

Getting professional coaching from a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach helps you learn how to understand and use your CliftonStrengths assessment results so you can be a ninja in all aspects of your life.

Join over 20 million people in discovering what makes you unique and how to leverage your natural talents to live your best life.

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what you can expect from coaching:

Therapy is about healing from past; coaching is about taking action toward your goals and dreams.

Consulting prescribes expertise-based solutions; coaching sees you as the undisputed expert in your life and helps you take action from your own answers.

Mentoring provides a guide, based on a mentor’s wisdom; coaching guides you according to your own values and talents.

Training follows a set curriculum toward set objectives; coaching reveals your own objectives and a path to fulfill them.

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what you can expect from learning how to use your CliftonStrengths results:

More likely to achieve your goals

More confidence in yourself

More likely to experience well-being, extra energy and being happy

Less likely to experience worry, stress, and anger

Six times as likely to be engaged at work

Six times as likely to have the opportunity to do what you do best

Three times as likely to have an excellent quality of life

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What you can expect working with alissa as your coach:

A steadfast commitment to the success and possibilities for your life

Easy scheduling for phone or video conference meetings

Text and email access to Alissa in between sessions to help you navigate challenges that come up

Energy and intensity to stimulate your creative vision for the future

Innovative brainstorming, alternative solutions and imaginative support

Tireless enthusiasm to embrace your accomplishments and revel in your success