how to use this calendar template…

Re-create the same template in word or excel. I set this up to be in a monthly format to be viewed quarterly. Put the commitments in any order that suits your business and work style. Under each month add lines for the following types of commitments:

EVENTS (Events you are planning, going to or want to attend - these take time - travel, prep etc - include all of them for the month.)

DUE DATES (These are deadlines that must go on your calendar, you need time to complete the tasks that are due - plan accordingly.)

PREP (This is the time you need to prepare for meetings, deadlines, events etc. If you have a meeting in March, you will likely need time in February or earlier to prepare - when you fail to plan, you plan to fail.)

PLANNING (This is the time you need to plan events, plan for big initiatives, plan for new projects, etc. Events need a few months of planning, big initiatives don’t just happen on their own. By setting aside time in a slower month to plan for your big vision, you make it a priority.)

VACATIONS (Make sure to include your personal vacations, it will help you prioritize what else you have time for that month and what needs to move to another month.)

TRIPS (These are the work trips that you doing i.e. conferences, meetings, conventions, sales calls, etc.)

MEETINGS (These are your weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual meetings that must be scheduled and prepared for.)

Planning for the year allows you to see your time commitments in advance. When there are months that seem overwhelmingly busy, see if you can move planning or prep time to another month - you may be planning a few months in advance for a meeting or event but you will be less stressed and have few mishaps. Slower work months are a great time to attend a conference or take a vacation.

The most productive and successful people in the world plan their year not just their day or week. They know what is coming and have set aside time to plan and be their best. Make 2019 the year that you plan ahead. I love helping people use this tool (it’s my Futuristic at work!). Contact me for a quick coaching session to get you started.

Happy planning!